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      • We have been providing Mythic non-toxic, zero-VOC paint to the great people of Western North Carolina for over two years.
      • As our flagship company, Mythic provides outstanding quality paint that is perfect for the chemically sensitive, those that are pregnant or have children, and for people who just want a healthier home!
      • Regular paint can release toxic vapors for up to six years; not to mention the intense smell that happens initially!
      • Leave that headache behind and feel good about what you’re painting with when you use Mythic Paint, the only paint that is allowed in Mayo Cancer Clinics.
      • Come by the shop today and pick up some paint and primer for both interior and exterior spaces. Mythic has a wide spectrum of colors, and we also can match any major competitor’s colors!
        • Non-toxic
        • Very durable
        • Zero-VOC
        • Long lasting, vibrant colors
        • Easy clean-up