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Our Mission

Our mission is creating homes and businesses with environmental integrity by offering the most unique, durable, and sustainable building materials available.

The Build It Naturally Story

Build It Naturally started in August of 2006 as a culmination of Jennifer Woodruff’s lifelong interest in caring for the natural environment and living in balance with the Earth. Her parents were great examples by living responsibly; recycling before it was trendy; composting, cultivating an organic garden, canning, natural dying the wool of the sheep they raised on the farm, wild-harvesting plants and taking care of animals in every stage of life. Every aspect of her upbringing instilled a deep reverence and joy for natural living that carried into her adult life and turned into a “green” business. It was a natural progression and the perfect way to give something back to the community in the mountains she knows and loves!

In 2005, Jennifer was in Santa Rosa, California studying Environmental Entrepreneurship for her “Green MBA” degree when she met Susan Bahl who started the Natural Home Design Center. She worked as Susan’s office manager and was inspired by her total dedication to natural ingredients in every product she carried. Jennifer observed the national customer base the Natural Home Design Center was building in, and with their more than twenty years in business, she could see that the demands for green building supplies was a fast-growing burgeoning market with room for plenty of new businesses. Additionally, the fact that the whole business is based upon a triple bottom-line that considers people, the planet, as well as profits made it something she felt she could do in her own creative way while living her values.Jennifer also has a passion for bringing people products that improve their quality of life and offering true customer service. Awareness of chemical sensitivity issues is expanding now and growing all the time. Jennifer is eager to provide products and services that help make people’s homes a sanctuary of harmony and relaxation rather than toxic dwelling places. She also has a firm commitment to finding products that provide builders with materials that are healthy to work within their livelihood, honoring their dignity and skills without being toxic. She did this by first transforming her own living space and continues to refine and design it by testing out the most cutting-edge green products available before passing on the finds to her customers through Build It Naturally. She pursues the most natural products available and continuously looks for the best and brightest in the green building supplies market that meet her standards of being renewable, recycled, and non-toxic or a combination of those factors.In late 2006 and early 2007, Build It Naturally’s initial showroom was located at the Center of Unlimited Possibilities in Westgate Plaza, Asheville. In July 2007, Jennifer found a new location in downtown Asheville that was an old bicycle shop. Over the next three months, she used the products sold at Build It Naturally to renovate the building. On October 15, 2007, the present store opened for business.